Inclusive Education

The School curriculum caters for the needs of all children including the differently abled (Down’s Syndrome, Autistic, Physically Challenged, Hearing Impaired, Blind, Speech Impaired). We have a special process to identify and assess the special needs of such children. The student’s intellectual functioning level is identified along with the student’s strength and weakness. The assessment of behaviour, social and emotional levels are also done using standardised psychometric tools. Thereafter, a consultation with the parent is done to discuss the outcome of the assessment and a suitable and effective curriculum plan is prepared with the help of the School’s Special Educator who is qualified in dealing with differently abled children. Using individual specific educational techniques, strategies and tools we help children with special needs to overcome learning challenges as we believe that ‘All children have an equal right to learn.’ The progress of the child is monitored and is amalgamated into the mainstream when the child’s progress matches up to the class average.