Remedial Program

  Children who have problems are identified in a process involving the teacher, principal and counsellor. The IEP counsellor then prepares their psychometric profile which is discussed in detail with the parents. A remedial plan is the prepared in which the child attends remedial classes in the school.            

"If I cannot learn the way you teach,

Will you teach me, the way I can learn?”

A mixed group of children will have children with different learning capabilities. There will be children with high learning ability who can grasp quiet fast and learn better but there will also be children who need constant guidance and support. To circumvent this problem and make all level of children at same pace the school has initiated remedial classes.


  • Help and support. 
  • Pay individual attention. 
  • Develop interest in attending remedial classes for the children



Resource Room

“We are creative, outside the box thinkers, we have to be because we don’t see the or solve problems the way other kids do”.

A learning disability is a neurological condition which affects the brain’s ability to send, receive and process information. Children with learning difficulties may have issues in reading, writing, language, mathematics, comprehension etc. These include disorders like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia.

Here, in Jingle Bell School we cater to individual needs of children and their level of understanding is our priority. Thus, we provide direct specialized instruction and remediation to children with learning difficulties in a fully functional and specialized Resource Room. It acts as a support system where children get individualized help. A tailor made plan is prepared for each child according to their level which targets phonics, letter recognition and formation, comprehension, writing skills, attention, memory, reasoning, sequencing etc. Children are allowed to learn at their own pace and learning is made fun by integrating a number of interesting games and activities.

We aim to boost the self perception of children along with development of academic skills. All stakeholders i.e. teachers, parents and management work in synchronisation to aid children in their growth and development.