“Discover The Fun In Learning!”

‚ÄčYour child will benefit from classrooms designed to maximise learning in a familiar environment. They are well ventilated, spacious and child-friendly with extensive labelling to inform the child of the surroundings as also to introduce new words and concepts. Classroom furniture is designed to suit the varying heights of growing children as they move to higher classes. The School buildings are open and spacious, seamlessly integrating environment with learning. The classroom environment is designed to be stimulating and motivating by utilizing a wide range of materials and activities. To utilise this for better learning effect, the classroom day is broken into several blocks to meet the needs of the whole child while taking into consideration children's attention spans, physical, and emotional capabilities. Each classroom has the following areas to benefit your child’s development: -

Cutting and Pasting Area.    Each classroom from Nursery to Class II has a cutting and pasting area where the pupils are free to draw and make their own art work. This encourages your child to use creativity and also the awareness that waste can be constructively used.

Manipulative Area.    Each classroom from Nursery to Class IV has an area earmarked which is equipped with puzzles, games and assorted materials which your child will use for manipulation, building models, designs, patterns and creative play. Children are encouraged to use these objects to manipulate them to settings of their choice. This allows for the child’s imagination to grow and connect different objects to a single theme while the child is having great fun. Some materials are open ended, which have no right or wrong and are unstructured in their use while others are used for classifying, sorting and matching. This will stimulate creative exploration and develop cognitive and reasoning  skills  in your child

Fantasy Area.   This section of the classroom (Nursery to UKG) creates opportunities for exploration and creative thinking. It stimulates the senses and helps your child grow intellectually and emotionally. The area offers your child opportunities for socio-dramatic play to enact familiar situations, create stories and build dialogues as children pretend play and subconsciously take on social roles.

Seating Arrangement.    The classroom seating is in groups of tables and chairs to accommodate four children. This allows for greater access to each child by the teacher thus maximising personal attention in a close bonding environment.  Such a seating arrangement helps develop a variety of skills and attitudes to include confidence, self esteem, team work and belongingness to a team, trust, social interactions, responsibilities towards self and others while giving the advantage of peer group learning. Children enjoy learning in such an arrangement while it also helps strengthen their bonds with their friends and teachers thereby improving the school experience and making learning fun.

Messy Area.     Every child loves the physical activity of creating a mess with their hands such as playing with clay, water colour painting, etc. We have turned this trait into an educational avenue by letting the child run riot with their imagination and creativity in the Messy Area (Classes Nursery to UKG). Concepts of maths and science are often involved in such play and reinforce them in your child’s mind.

Language Learning.    New words are introduced to the students based on their activities / projects in class on the language learning wall. Interpretations, meanings, shapes of letters, etc are constantly viewed by the children making learning languages fun and easy.

Class-Room Library.   Reading can introduce one to a wide and imaginative world beyond the home and school. We believe that a child who reads also achieves academically since all subjects involve language. We aim to make your child’s first experiences with books pleasurable. We have a library in every class room stocked with a large number and variety of age appropriate books where children can freely take books and then return them. The objectives are to encourage children to read and enjoy books, understand that anyone can be an author, develop true reading skills and become a self learner, identify and read from a wide genre of writing and be exposed to a wider variety of expression than is possible at home or school.

Outside Play Area.     Each class room leads out to an enclosed outside play area. This develops the sense of closeness with the outdoors, provides access to a safe playing area for your child and reinforces the concept that play and learning are inter-connected. 

Block Area.    Each classroom from Nursery to Class III has a block area with a large number of blocks and construction sets which helps develop motor skills, sense of balance and symmetry, shapes, size, textures as also object –space relationships.

Construction Area.   Each class of Classes I to V has a construction area in which children can experiment with various tools, re-useable materials, and a variety of art media. This increases their vocabulary and language skills, helps in social development and non verbal communication while developing their creativity, decision making and problem solving skills.