School Association

Hello visitors,

JBS, a prestigious school of Ayodhya, well known for joyful learning strongly believes in holistic development of a child

'Education cannot be effective unless it

helps a child open up himself to life.’

To make our children open to the world JBS also works with some of the external bodies such as INTACH (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). Some of the faculty of JBS have also acquired the membership of INTACH and are determined to enlighten the youth about our magnificent past.

Shaking hands with INTACH is aimed at making children understand and appreciate our culture and heritage.

                                                                                                        अपनी जड़ो से जुड़े रहना ही हमारी संस्कृति है

                                                                                                        और विरासत में जान डालना हमारी सभ्यता है

To cater the purpose of INTACH school participates in many events such as heritage walk, interaction with the renowned experts on built and natural heritage, field trip to several monuments.


Several projects are also taken up with the children such as ‘Ayodhya’, ‘Mango’, ‘Medicinal Plants’, ‘Games and Exercise’. These projects are integrated with the heritage and children are made aware of the historical monuments locally present, their need and the way of preservation. Through these projects children are also getting aware of flora and fauna which have their historical importance and carries great value in our heritage.


An elaborative and flexible curriculum is developed for making our children know about our heritage in a joyful way. This will help our children grow up with a positive attitude towards our glorious past and they will certainly feel proud as well as treasure it throughout their life.