Teaching Staff


The most important facet in the education of your child in the School is the teaching staff. We have succeeded in recruiting outstanding teachers who are determined that the school should continue to be a resounding success. The teaching staff is of an exceptional calibre. In addition, we have teaching skills improvement workshops which are regularly conducted to enable teachers to update their skill set and keep pace with the latest advances in teaching techniques and methodology. The teaching staff has an excellent command over English, a sound knowledge of child development and psychology with an understanding of developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. They have been handpicked for their love for children and competence and talent in diverse, creative fields.

Our faculty inspire students to think, to learn, to innovate and to analyse. We believe that successful learning by the student is the result of how engaged the student is by the learning exercise as also the ability of the teacher to impart knowledge in the style best suited for each pupil. Our faculty is dynamic, inspiring and highly motivated to bring out the best potential in students. Every teacher is associated with a supporting member to guide the students in analysing and solving problems. During the course of the curriculum, students are exposed to blend of related topics, challenging assignments, projects and just pure fun. Field trips, out-of-campus classes, hobby classes and group projects are blended into the curriculum, widening the perspective of students.

Backed by rich educational experiences the faculty are trained to meet different abilities & needs of the students.


Helping Staff

The School employs a number of helping staff who are specially trained in childcare. They have been selected for their caring nature and loving demeanour. They help children in opening water bottles etc.

  • Specially trained to take care of the children such as opening water bottles, etc.
  • They handle the children caringly and lovingly.
  • They never raise their voice with the children.