Arrival: Children work on becoming more independent in self-help skills (finding a place, and putting away belongings). 


Circle Time: Circle time is designed to make children feel comfortable and emotionally safe. It fosters early literacy, community building skills and a sense of belonging. Activities relating to the current theme are introduced during this time. Children also learn taking turns and following directions skills while developing their analysing and processing skills. Warm-up exercises, informal talk, projects, songs & rhymes, mini lessons are some of the activities during this time.

Academic Work:  Formal teaching as prescribed by the curriculum.  

Snack and Sharing Time:  Children are encouraged to wash hands for snack time. Children sit down to snack together and have small conversations with each other. Children follow a given menu which promotes healthy eating and educates your child on foods and their importance.


Free Play:  Children choose areas to work and play in from a variety of choices in their classroom or Activity rooms. The room and materials are designed and set up to encourage creative and cooperative play while addressing the social needs of young children. Learning becomes play and therefore interesting and fun. 


Story Time.  A thematic story is read/enacted daily by the teacher, parent, or occasionally by a special visitor.


Outdoor Play or Music/Dance:  We utilise our fenced-in outdoor play areas to promote major and fine motor development as also hone talents such as Music, Dance, Tabla, Vocals, Keyboard, Gardening, Needle Work, Terracotta, Scouts, etc. Hobby Classes are there once a week for Class III to V. 


Bye-Bye Circle Time:   Prior to dismissal, we review and reflect upon the day and upcoming events and tidy up the classroom. Children learn time concepts, planning, and sequencing during this discussion.