Roots and shoots


“The task of environmental education for young children is to forge the bond between children and nature”

We believe that sensitizing and developing the feeling of empathy among the children will lead the world towards the better tomorrow and for that purpose. Jingle Bell School has collaborated with Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute. It is a global movement that aims to bring together the youth from all walks of life for one goal - the betterment of our environment. With a believe that we can make a positive change in the world, no matter where we come from, by coming together as a community & taking action. So under Roots & Shoots we cover three aspects of humanity which is People, Animal and Environment.

We choose projects to help people, animals, and environment so as to bring out the small difference and for making such difference you don’t have to be environmentalist, scientist,  naturalist or an activists. With this belief in Jingle Bell School we do zero waste management program, recycling, planation as well asvarious activities to develop sensitivity and empathy within the children. Being a part of Roots& Shoots we came to know about many of the days like No waste November, Earth Day, Plastic Free July, Tiger Day, World Environment Day, Peace Day in which discussion on various environmental issues are covered. Children get involved in making  presentations to save the resources,poem making, letter writing to NGO’s, plantation, seed ball activity, plastic free challenge, video making to encourage people for sustainable lifestyle, distribution of cloth bags to all the helping staff.

Children actively help in providing the food, healthcare services, shelter to stray animals and spreading the message  of harmony  with other living creatures as well.

Under roots & shoots  not only teachers and children took part in transforming and helping the mother earth to heal but also the helping staff and parents take part in various activities.

We as educators believe that teaching our children to be respectful towards the planet,  can slow down many of these threats to the environment so that future generations can enjoy the same natural resources. We often take things for granted, such as clean air and water, along with the incredible wild animals with whom we share this planet.

Our goal is more about fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity about the environment. We support young children in the development of knowledge, appreciation, curiosity, and respect for the natural world.

By being only one self and taking small initiatives can make huge difference.