How much homework will my child have?

Students participate in structured activities which provide a wide variety of learning experiences designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Teachers usually give a little homework during weekends, holidays and vacations.

What role can I play in my child’s school day?

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s activities at school. We conduct workshops to guide parents and provide them with the necessary tools to complement what their child has learnt in school. In our experience, children of parents, who follow these guidelines, are found to have a better understanding of underlying concepts.

Does my child need additional academic help?

We recognise the importance of one-on-one assistance for our students. Our teachers try to find additional opportunities for working with individual children throughout the school day. Our mentors oversee and add value to students who require special individual assistance.

How are students graded?

At JBS we do not assess students with actual grades. Parents receive detailed reports of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and written assessments of students’ progress. In addition, teachers and parents meet regularly for scheduled conferences and at other times throughout the year.