Parent Advisory Committee

PAC List 2022-23

Minutes of the first PAC Meeting:2023

We have a number of parents who throughout the year support the school by giving of their time.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer or put themselves forward to be chosen as representatives of the Parent Council. The main aims of the Parent Council are: -

  • Represent the views of parents.
  • Involved with children education and learning.
  • Express their views on school education generally and work in partnership with the school.
  • Promote contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of education and the community.
  • Support the school in its work with pupils.

Minutes of the second PAC Meeting: 2022-23

Minutes of the 2nd Quarter -PAC Meeting: 2022-23

Date & Time –20th February 2023 (08:45 to 10:30 a.m.)                                          Venue M.P.Hall                                                                                                                Proceedings


Principal welcomed all the members present in the meeting. 

Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting

Principal enquired about receipt of minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st October, 2022 (on the occasion of 1st semester report day) and the action taken report which were already sent to the members in advance. The members confirmed the receipt of the same.

The action taken report was read out for the purpose of clarity and comfort of the members about action taken by the school (teachers/staff concerned).

The members being satisfied with recording of minutes and the action taken report, the same was confirmed by the Chair.

Progress report of the 2nd  quarter and some photographic glimpses

The progress report was sent to the members in advance, as stated above. The members expressed their satisfaction over the progress during the quarter.

Feed-back and Suggestions

Class l

  • Members said that academics and activities are going on well. Further they suggested that more activities to be done for enhancing the vocabulary and usage of words
  • ‘ P’ stated that two new words are taken everyday with the story and discussed in the class. Further she assured them that the teachers would take the usage of these words regularly

Class ll

  • Some children are teasing the children
  • The counselor will take the class on behaviour management and bullying
  • More homework should be given in Maths so that children will practice
  • Quantity of  homework would be increased
  • Topic should be given to the children to do writing work and handwriting practice to be done
  • Will give topics to write from home. Handwriting practice also will be given as home work
  • Hindi reading should be focused
  • Children are reading the books in ‘DEAR’ period but  will give more time to read during the period
  •  Children enjoyed the Excursion to Zoo

Class lll

  • Improvement in handwriting is required. Children should practice formation of letters also
  • ‘P’ assured that teachers will take the practice of formation of letters. Handwriting practice will be given as homework
  • Evening classes to be merged during the days time table
  • ‘P’ said we already have Performing Arts and Visual Arts period in our timetable. The purpose of evening classes is to render extra help to the children for honing their skills
  • According to reviews extra classes should be given to the children  who are not able to perform better
  • ‘ P’said that we are already running the booster classes for the children who need extra help
  • Children loose their uniform and bottles
  • ‘P’ said we are keeping a check. Collecting the left over items in the Resource Centre and showing them in the assembly

Class lV

  • Teachers should respond to the children in online reading group so children get encouraged
  •  Teachers will respond to enhance reading in children
  •  Children should be encouraged to speak in English among themselves inside and outside the class
  • We will motivate and work with them for the same
  • Maths – Revision of basic concepts is required and application based questions should be given. Children should be trained to give answers quickly
  • ‘P’ assured members that we will work on Mental Maths

Class V

  • Queries  for SAFAL examination was there
  •  ‘P’ explained the objective and the process of the examination
  • Balls should be provided to the children when they come early in the morning
  • ‘P’ stated that it is provided to the  children as soon as the teachers arrive to the school

Special Needs

  • Members appreciated the speech therapy and the efforts of teachers
  • Provide one more teacher and helper
  •  ‘P’ said that we will provide a teacher and helper from the next session
  • Skills of Water Lily children to be identified and work for their future development
  • Ms. Anupama and Mr. Avinash are identifying their skills and will give appropriate platform for enhancing their skills

Any other matter

  • Adventure Camp – Children were very excited. Members said that after the camp children explained each and every activity  to their family members
  • ‘P’ explained about Shaking the Tree project - रचनात्मकता का विकास रंगमंच के साथ and told how the change in the personality of children is noticed
  • ‘P’ informed the objective and system of life skill camp  


Principal read out third quarter plan

There being no further points, the meeting ended at around 10:30 a.m. with a vote of thanks.

(Beena Agarwal)


Minutes of the third PAC Meeting: 2022-23