Parent Teacher Relation

The Parent Teacher Relation (PTR) at JBS is very active and works towards enriching your child’s education. Being a parent at JBS automatically includes you into the PTA. We host many fun and exciting events including workshops throughout the school year.

The objective of the PTR is to promote close co-operation and contact between the parents and the school and to support the school in the general welfare of all students.

At JBS, our aim is to develop and extend our children’s learning by developing a partnership with parents and involving them actively in a range of relevant and purposeful activities which will contribute to raising children’s achievement.


Parents can play a very valuable role by being interested in their child’s school life, making sure that any homework set is done in a peaceful relaxed working environment and giving support and praise for work well done. 

Pupils in the Lower Classes are usually required to practice reading at home. Older children may have reading and either a maths or a language activity. Pupils are often asked to continue investigations by looking for information to help topic work


  • Children are encouraged to make a healthy, well-balanced choice.
  • Children and young people need the right balance of food and nutrients to develop and grow.
  • The focus is on getting the balance right and helping pupils make informed choices. 
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