Activity Centre


Children eagerly await the part of the day when they use the Activity Centre. Each section from Class I to Class IV has one period at the Activity Centre every day.  The Activity Centre comprises various areas such as manipulative area, science area, block area, shop area, construction area, library, etc. Groups of 5-6 children work in different areas under the supervision of the class teacher and the Activity Centre in-charge.

The Activity Centre provides the child with diverse activities to suit each child’s needs and myriad possibilities of strengthening existing skills and developing new ones. It is an opportunity to learn while playing, instilling self confidence, developing social skills, independence, leadership and self identity, problem solving skills and enhancing the cognitive process.

Regular use of the Activity Centre has developed in children the ability to express themselves better, develop relationships, be part of team and display leadership qualities and the ability to control their emotions and cope with negative feelings.